How do I sign up for a store on Beautifully Handmade Limited?

You simply need to click on the “Open A Shop” wording to the top right of your screen and it will allow you to open your shop.

How do I add my products?

You can add your products individually or alternatively you can bulk upload via woocommerce if you have it or wordpress to export to a CSV file, you can also export your csv file from Etsy etc.

Can I add variations of my products?

Yes, products can have multiple variations and attributes to help customers customise there order.

You can view our guide to setting up product variations and attributes on this page Product attributes and variations Tutorial

How do I change my logo and banner?

This can be done through your very own dashboard with the sizing requirements.

How do I add shipping costs to my products?

You can set up default shipping or individual prices, if you wish to offer FREE SHIPPING please just enter 0.01 in the FREE SHIPPING box

You can view our guide to setting up your shipping on this page Shipping Tutorial

How will I be paid for my orders?

We use Stripe for our marketplace and you can request your funds once an order has been completed and sent to the customer. You can do this via your dashboard Payments/Withdrawal/Select Order/ Request

The fees for payment processing via Stripe are 2.9% plus 20p per transaction.

Do you accept copyright items?

Absolutely not, we will remove any copyright items that we see listing on our pages, as a shop you could be heavily penalised for this so we recommended you refrain from doing so.

Do you allow swearing items?

We prefer to keep the swearing items separate to this domain as to not offend people that may be browsing, this can be found at Beautifully Obscene

What happens if we do not subscribe to you after the first year?

You are free to close your account at any time with us, we do not auto deduct payments, you are notified several weeks before that your subscription is up for renewal.

Which keywords should I focus on?

Try to focus on the first 3 or 4 words, what would you type into Google to find that product? As an example: It is unlikely that a customer would search for “Cousin Bird Red Necklace”, instead we would recommend “Cousin Necklace Bird Theme” The first words that you use is what we will optimise for Google and other search engines for you. Leave that part to us. If the keyword has already been taken, we will add to this or adjust minimally as Google hates duplicate content so we may adjust it to “Cousin Necklace Bird Themed”

When should I expect to see sales?

22/12/2020 Honestly? As a new site there is a lot of work to be done, however we aim to have all of our listings in the top 5 organic searches within 4-6 months, we believe we can do this and then we will see amazing results for us all. That doesn’t mean you won’t see sales before then though.

Blog posts take 6-8 weeks also to show traction, we look forward to working with you all on these too.