If you are looking for custom belts that fit you perfectly, you will love the custom belts offered by our UK creatives, all designed, created and handmade to order.

Custom belts are the perfect accessory to make any outfit pop. We offer custom belts in a variety of leathers, buckles, fabrics, and more. Our products are designed to last. Whether you have an event coming up or just want to update your look, our creatives have something for you.

Custom belts that fit you like a glove. Need a belt? Get the perfect fit with one of our custom belts.  There are no limits on size, colour, or customisations for our belts. Now you can control your wardrobe like never before.

Unique, handmade belts for the stylish man or woman. Say no to mass-produced, cheap belts and say hello to a belt that will last you years.

If you’re looking for the perfect belt, then don’t look any further. Our handmade belts are crafted by skilled artisans and guaranteed to last.

We offer the best handmade belts in the UK. Our belts are handmade by a UK creative that has created every stitch by hand.

Get your hands on the best belts for you and your wardrobe. Crafted to perfection in the UK, these handcrafted leather belts will take you from day to day to formal with ease. Choose your style, choose your size, and customise to your heart’s content.

These belts are not just belts. These are the ultimate clothing statement! We have all different kinds of handmade belts that will make a huge difference to your outfit. You can also customise the belts to make them unique and yours!

Want a belt that will last? Check out our handmade leather belts with 100% handcrafted perfection. We even include free shipping with every purchase!

Our personalised belt is the perfect way to make your daily outfit stand out. Whether you want to go for something classic with no words on it or make a statement with your name on it, our personalised belts are perfect for you.

These belts are not your average belt. They are made from an eco-friendly material and are a stylish way to dress up any outfit.

Crochet belts are the perfect accessory for the summer. Keep it casual with a crochet belt or dress up your outfit with one of our stylish designs. We have everything from plain to fancy, to match any fashion taste. Our belts are easy to care for.

Crochet belts are a fun way to add a pop of colour to your outfit and make you feel like you’ve got some extra zest in your step. Our belts are made from a variety of different yarn, so grab one and match it with one of your favourite outfits.

Macrame belts are a new trend, perfect for styling with a casual top and again available in a multitude of stunning colours and designs.

Our macrame belts are handmade in the heart of the UK. With over 100 colours, we have something to suit every style and taste. From the perfect skinny macrame belt in black to statement colours like pink, orange, and yellow, these handmade belts are sure to make you stand out!

Beautifully Handmade is the UK’s fastest growing online marketplace for UK Sellers to sell their handmade gifts. We pride ourselves on offering an unsaturated and affordable alternative to Etsy with a one off annual fee, full seller support and official guides of how to list a product correctly to ensure Google product placement.

If you are looking for the perfect homemade gift, you will love what our sellers have to offer. Our handmade gifts are unique, beautiful and make the perfect handmade gift for any occasion.

Beautifully Handmade offer a wonderful range of handmade belts UK from our talented UK artisans who have shops with us. If you love to support British Handmade and love belts made by traditional methods then our website is the perfect choice.

We take great pride in providing a wonderful range of handmade crafts within our marketplace with many sellers offering really unusual handmade items.

We have a real passion for supporting handmade in Britain, there is something really patriotic about it.

Perhaps you are looking for a really lovely belt to complete an outfit or would like a really artistic gift for a family member.

If you are looking for the perfect handmade belts UK for an occasion coming up, you have most certainly come to the right place.

Handmade items are unique and exclusive, they have been crafted lovingly and you are supporting a family business when you purchase handmade UK

Beautifully Handmade Limited was founded in December 2020 by Sarah Harvey who has been an online seller for over 16 years and experienced in many platforms including her own domains.

The mission was simple, to provide an affordable platform for sellers without escalating fees and a wonderful buying experience for buyers.

We are passionate about UK handmade and Handmade In Britain and will continue our mission to support UK based creatives to succeed in a business world.

We support creative minds and those that are unique with their crafts, its wonderful to see all the handmade crafts being listed on our wonderful online marketplace and we very much look forward to the future of Beautifully Handmade Limited.

If you are a lover of the leather belt, take a look at our handmade bags too.

If you are a crafter you can upcycle old leather sofas to make products or alternatively purchase leather hides from here

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