Beautifully Handmade offer a wonderful range of handmade bags UK from our talented crafters who have shops with us. Handmade tote bags make great affordable gifts.

We take great pride in providing a wonderful range of handmade bags within our marketplace with many sellers offering really quirky designs to choose from.

We have a real passion for supporting handmade in Britain, there is something really patriotic about it.

If you are looking to support a UK creative and require a range of homemade bags to look at then you have certainly come to the right place.

Perhaps you are looking for a new handmade leather bag or simply handmade bags for sale. Beautifully Handmade is a UK marketplace full of creative flair.

Handmade items are unique and exclusive, they have been crafted lovingly and you are supporting a family business when you purchase handmade UK

Beautifully Handmade Limited was founded in December 2020 by Sarah Harvey who has been an online seller for over 16 years and experienced in many platforms including her own domains.

The mission was simple, to provide an affordable platform for sellers without escalating fees and a wonderful buying experience for buyers.

We are passionate about UK handmade and Handmade In Britain and will continue our mission to support UK based creatives to succeed in a business world.

We support creative minds and those that are unique with their crafts, its wonderful to see all the handmade bags UK being listed on our wonderful online marketplace and we very much look forward to the future of Beautifully Handmade Limited.

If you are a handmade bag lover, take a look at the beautiful collection of handmade clothing too.

If you are in the sublimation business, this is a great website for supplies for Tote Bags etc


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