Alternative to Etsy?

Looking for an alternative to Etsy?

I have personally been selling online for over 16 years on various platforms including several of our own websites so you are working with a team that know various platforms including Etsy, Amazon, EBAY and our own domains.

This has encouraged us through our own successes to set up the UK’s alternative to Etsy, we are building a protected and supportive platform and promise to have no more than 20,000 shops in total.

We get to know all of our sellers, we can’t possibly talk about you if we know nothing about you. We are here to build a professional platform for handmade and vintage items focusing on our customers giving them a seamless experience when shopping and our sellers the alternative to Etsy to help their businesses grow.

We show you how to list every single product to make Google rather happy, our focus will be getting us and you seen on Google and other channels alongside other social media outlets. This is our unique selling point.

Every product added will automatically be pinned to our Pinterest board using our own unique code that enables us to do this. This enables our sellers to really focus on their business whilst we focus on driving the traffic. Our Pinterest has over a million views per month and we have our own fully fledged shop too featuring “your” products

We keep you completely updated with the sites progress since its launch in January 2021 through a private sellers group. 

We charge no Commission Or Fees, you simply pay an annual fee to stay with us and you are paid for your orders through Stripe which is very easy to set up.

To help us begin this unique journey we are allowing all shops to come onboard for one year for only £25.00 for the year so we can speak to you all and ensure your smooth process on listing with us.

Every single seller has a live chat facility which you set up in your shop when listing with us, this enables buyers to speak to you instantly when you are online! Quick responses builds relationships and sales in an instant, we are the first to offer this as a marketplace.

If you are currently an Etsy seller you can upload a CSV file to import your products.

Our website is available in multilingual and multi currency.

Instead of our shops having the opportunity to list featured items or even pay ads to boost their products, we believe that working with all our sellers in a fair manner is of utter importance, therefore everyone gets the opportunity to be on the first few pages in categories as they auto rotate throughout the day. We are here to work with all of you.

We only allow UK Sellers on our website. Our aim is simple to help businesses grow and we are very proud to support the UK handmade industry.

To ensure our loyalty to our shops, we have decided to cap the limit of shops that are allowed onto the platform at 20,000 active shops compared to the over 3 million on Etsy, this ensures consistency for our sellers sales and enables us to continue to provide direct support and growth for those that believed in our platform. When this active shop level is reached, those who wish to join will be placed on a waiting list. Open Your Shop Today