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Ready to step up your Etsy game? Beautifully Handmade Limited offers a well-curated and consistently updated selection of unique handmade goods from talented handmade crafters and designers. Our alternative to Etsy is the fastest growing handmade platform in the UK, and we’re always looking for new talent to join our supportive and affordable family.


Beautifully Handmade Limited has been crafting the UK’s fastest growing handmade platform and alternative to Etsy for the past 1 years launching in February 2021 working with Sarah Harvey the founder with over 16 years experience in online sales. Beautifully Handmade Limited provides sellers only from the UK and we approve every single membership to ensure we maintain a UK sellers based business and support UK crafts at all times.—

We are growing at an excellent rate and focus heavily on SEO, educating our sellers to ensure a Google perfect listing and maintain continued support for all of them, forget having no help, that doesn’t happen here at Beautifully Handmade. We offer a platform that caters to all your handmade needs. Always striving for excellence and perfection, we offer a wide variety of products from clothing and accessories to home decor, jewellery and gifts based by theme. With our competitive pricing and friendly customer service, we’re empowering more people to grown their small businesses in a competitive world.

Handmade is a way of life. We love it. It’s what we do. Each of our carefully curated handmade goods is made special by one maker from the UK. As the UK’s fastest growing handmade platform and alternative to Etsy, we take pride in sharing the creativity and craftsmanship of British makers with the world!

We offer a handmade marketplace where you can discover, buy and sell handmade items from people from all over the world. Our platform offers buyers & sellers the best experience as we want to empower all of our members to live their best life.

—Whether you are looking for an Etsy alternative in the UK, or just to compare and contrast, we have the site for you. Take a look at what other people are doing and find the perfect alternative to suit your business needs and ambitions.

Sell with Us and you’ll get access to a beast of a platform that really cares about your needs! We don’t just put our brand on the line, we put your brand on the line. That’s because when you grow, we grow. And when you thrive, we thrive. Get on board with us and let’s get social!

If you are looking for alternatives to Amazon UK where you are simply a number then our platform is built with you in mind.

Create a business account and get access to our Selling Guides and SEO Guides, you will even have the opportunity of a shop assessment with the owner herself where you will learn all about Beautifully Handmade, the ethos behind the business and you will be guided with our unique performance based methods tried and tested. We’re not Amazon UK! You can find anything on our platform but it is all handmade by creatives. Best of all, we’re a community-based marketplace that provides you with real advantages to help your business grow.

We offer a safe and secure marketplace to buy and sell.

We offer a better and more secure alternative to eBay UK so you can buy & sell with peace of mind. Join the sellers that are choosing us over eBay UK, and sell with confidence. All our transactions are 100% safe and secure, and we have a low fixed annual fee for selling on our platform. Join the community today!

We are the UK’s chosen website like Etsy. We are not just a website like Etsy, we are a website that offers more than the US site. We offer our customers a guarantee for fast deliveries, an easy to use admin system and no additional costs for listing items.

We provide a platform for independent designers and manufacturers to present their handmade products to the right targeted audience with our SEO product placement.

As the UK’s chosen website like Etsy, we have plenty of sellers with different items on sale. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just browsing, we’re sure to have something that catches your eye. Browse our selection of handmade goods like clothing, jewellery, crafts, and more

At Beautifully Handmade UK you’ll find a vast range of handmade and vintage items, from jewellery to homewares. Whether you’re looking for a gift or something for yourself, we’re sure to have something that will catch your eye. Our community is also made up of lots of talented sellers who are always coming up with new and innovative ideas to share. Browse our curated sellers to find the perfect item for your home, wardrobe, or wallet

We offer a haven for the UK seller and buyer, an alternative to the costs and restrictions of Etsy. As well as the opportunity to buy from local UK sellers, we offer more flexible listing choices and no monthly fees for Sellers.

Our mission is to become the preferred website like Etsy in the UK. We offer a reliable online platform where creatives can sell inventions, crafts and other items with ease. We are different because we are an online marketplace where sellers can display and sell their items without the need for a significant investment.

Ready to join us? We can’t wait to welcome you

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Sarah Harvey (Managing Director)