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Knitted Baby Gifts | Stitches And Stones

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want knitted baby gifts for a newborn, there is something really wonderful about dressing a baby in something lovingly knitted and here is an insight into my journey.

Hi everyone, my name is Pauline Wright, I am now retired and living in Oswestry. My shop Stitches and Stones on Beautifully Handmade was opened in February 2021 where I sell both handmade beaded jewellery and knitted garments and accessories for babies and children up to the age of 10 (30 inch chest).

My journey to knitted baby gifts first started when I was a child. My Mum could not teach me how to knit as I am left-handed and she was not, my Auntie Violet saved the day by very kindly teaching herself to knit left-handedly so she was able to teach me. We are both still knitting away all this time later.

When my sons came along I enjoyed knitting jumpers for them and for my husband. As they got older they no longer thought Mum’s jumpers were cool, I also went to college and then University and into employment so did not knit for a long while.

I took up knitting again when I gave up smoking as it gave me something to do with my hands. I decided at this time I would concentrate on Knitting Baby Gifts and Knitted Gifts for young children such as the items shown below, from outfits for babies up to jumpers for an older child.

To start with, this was for family and friends’ children and new-born babies. Despite doing this I was building up a lot of stock so I decided to open an online shop to see if it was a viable option. It took a while for me to become recognised as producing good quality Hand Knitted Baby and Children’s Gifts but now I often receive glowing feedback from purchasers, and also to have people who order several times.

As well as my shop on Beautifully Handmade there are a plethora of other crafters and designers resident there displaying a vast range of talents. Some of my favourite artisans and their arts are Almass at Life of Stitches

 Shelly at Charming Gifts

 Adam Brown in Heartworks

Dale Noyce at Timeless Stitches

and last but certainly not least

Victoria Howard at The Twisted Kitty

Stitches and Stones offer a beautiful collected on knitted baby gifts, there is something so magical about knitted baby clothing, its traditional and we simply adore the collection that this lovely shop offers. Here is a great knitting magazine that you can subscribe to if you love to knit.

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