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UK Selling Platforms | Seller Testimonial

Tired of the usual UK selling platforms that are keen to sign you up, then offer nothing in return, I was looking for a UK Seller Platform and somewhere that actively promotes customers to visit my shop.

I honestly didn’t find any site that was invested in helping their sellers, I was beginning to accept there was nothing out there, so I gave up.

This was when I got lucky, by chance Sarah Harvey from Beautifully Handmade approached me via my social page on Instagram inviting me to join her brand new UK selling platform. Here is an intro on the lady herself.

Boss Lady

To be honest, it all sounded too good to be true, but I felt an instant connection with Sarah and put my trust in her advice. She told me all about her history as a seller and why she was keen to help others succeed.

Supporting UK makers was her priority and she has SEO and Google knowledge I could only dream of. Clearly, she knows her stuff! Here is what you get for your £25.00 a year.

UK Selling Platforms

So here it all began……

I joined Beautifully Handmade UK as a seller in December 2020 when the platform was in its infancy.

For UK Selling platforms It wasn’t perfect, it was in its development stages but Sarah (always on hand) was instantly fixing any issues and responding immediately to all my queries.

This was a first for me, refreshing and actually very motivating. If Sarah was prepared to work for me like this, I would return the favour and do everything I can to support her website.

I was getting really excited to be a part of something of this new fabulous UK Selling Platform.

I’m no tech wizard, so help was often needed and Sarah was there day or night. In fact, I don’t believe she ever sleeps, she must be super human!

It was when Sarah set up a private sellers Facebook page to support the stores and this was when things really got interesting.

After only a few days of some work her end, I found searching my store name was top of page one on Google! They have produced a two phase sellers guide to really assist each and every shop.

This was a massive breakthrough moment for me and reinforced that Sarah really does know what she is doing and is backing her sellers 100%.

She regularly updates the group with exciting and new developments and sets us challenges to ensure we get the best possible visibility on Google searches.

She initially worked on some of my individual listings too, to optimise for Google searches. From there, with her sound advice I gained the knowledge and confidence to make the most out of each and every listing by selecting keywords that would increase the search visibility.

I now have over 350 unique listings within my shop Charming Gifts and the sales generated are already increasing month on month.

So, with sales on the up and I am excited for the future. My only worry now is…… can I keep up with the demand?

Thank you for such a great seller insight Shelley, I must say you have followed all the steps I have thrown your way and I have no doubt you will be able to keep up with the demand, we are very fortunate to have an amazing range of diverse and proactive sellers and it is those that really will succeed with my help. You are a star ! Check our our Instagram for real information and stats, we hide nothing here at Beautifully Handmade

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