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Non Piercing Earrings UK | Magical Enchantments

If you have found my blog then you will be someone who doesn’t have their ears pierced and you are in total need of some beautiful gorgeous non piercing earrings UK of which I can help you with. Here is a little insight into my story and you can visit my non piercing earrings shop Magical Enchantments.

In 2018 I was a former ballet dancer, who in the past few years, had worked closely with Southern Youth Ballet creating headdresses as personal projects for their productions of Nutcracker, Coppelia and their new version of Pineapple Poll with high success. I decided then to try a new occupation by designing, creating and making every kind of headdress that my imagination can think of in my free time.

I love the Elvish fantasy world, Lord of the rings and Celtic patterns. As I was looking for inspiration for what I wanted to design and make, I came across the idea of elf wrap earrings.

These types of non piercing earrings are so different and with many possibilities to decorate our unique ears. After making one or two and seeing how comfortable they were to wear I knew straight away that I’d found my passion. I completely fell in love with them, so my artistic side started to design and create: wrap, crawler and non piercing earrings for every kind of occasion I can think of.

I love all my creations but you always have a few favourites 😉 below you will find some other of my top favourites:

One of my first designs and also one of my most popular items in my shop, available in many different crystal colours and different gemstones.

Elegant but modern, these pearl ear wrap earrings are perfect for brides who are looking for something different and unique on that special day.

I always wanted to have more than one piercing on my ears but I never got around it, so I created this design for those like me so they can enjoy that effect but not need to worry or plan any more piercing.

My love for the magical elvish world is shown in this crawler earring design.

From the beginning I wanted to design a snake wrap earring, for the gothic/Halloween lovers and it has only been last year during the lockdown I got around to it. So pleased with the design and so popular in my shop too.

So if you like what you see here and you are looking for something different, pop into my shop and have a look at what other products I have to offer.

Beautifully Handmade has a lot to offer from very interesting hand-crafted shops. Some of my favourite items are below:


By Avon Flow Art

By CurlySals

By My Sewing Shack

Squirrel in a bottle

By Sutherland Feather Art

I hope you have enjoyed my blog, you can see hundreds of my designs and amazing handmade gifts from other sellers via this platform.

Lorena xx

Magical Enchantments bring something wonderfully unique to the platform, in fact designs we have never seen before, we love original work and these handmade gifts are just perfect for both those with pierced or not pierced earrings. Here is a link to the Southern Youth Ballet website of which Lorena has worked with.

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