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Website Like Etsy

So you are looking for a website like Etsy? I think with the success of Etsy we must remember that it is because of you the crafters, every website starts somewhere. I guess with my experience over the years on various domains with my websites being the most successful I wanted to channel this online reselling energy that I have into my very own marketplace so in December 2020 I decided to build my very own offering, this was also after seeing a very successful crafter I know have her shop closed on Etsy (this is for another blog later), imagine that? your revenue gone (food for thought)

Open Your Shop

I believe that giving those that create my expertise and guidance throughout their selling journey with us will ensure they feel supported and certainly not just a statistical number. In the graphic of this blog you can see our growth since we began, look at that climb in March from the January / February SEO.

Beautifully Handmade Limited was formed to create an affordable selling platform with no extra add ons, no extra fees, just a simple one off fee for the year. I have kept this low as I feel that I need to prove that my methods online work. I don’t think there is any other site that focuses on you, your product and ensuring the ranking of all products on Google.

I personally detest social media, I find the constant battling with algorithms and getting your business or posts seen is disheartening, Ok I do use it occasionally but its important to know that Google ranking is crucial for your business to evolve and that is where I come in and Beautifully Handmade.

Search Engine Optimisation is my job, its what I love to do, to see that climb from the initial process of doing it to the orders coming in, this process takes between 4-8 weeks depending on the keyword. SEO is a constant daily grind and luckily for you I love it.

We plan on being loyal to our sellers so will never ever have more than 20,000 active shops on our website, what does this mean for you? No more battling for sales. You know Etsy have over 3 million shops and counting, the bigger it grows the harder for you to be seen. We are building a supportive community that you want to remain with year after year because we provide you with constant and consistent sales. (Please bear in mind I can’t force people to buy your crafts but I will guide you on getting the most out of it)

Care to join our website like Etsy for only £25.00 for the first year and it is then capped at £95.00 per annum with the only fees you pay being stripe which is between 1.4 and 2.9% dependant on the card the customer uses. Simple, affordable, protected. The £95.00 will not apply until we have over 5000 shops.

Because SEO is a lot of work, we only will be allowing 1000 shops to join for 2021

I hope we welcome you soon.

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