Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Naima Pearls offer a larger range of pearl wedding anniversary gifts to celebrate that milestone in marital life.

I vividly recall the day I answered the job advertisement. It asked for someone dextrous, who paid close attention to detail, and had the patience of a saint. There was no mention of what the actual job was about, or who it was for, but intrigued beyond measure I just couldn’t resist responding.

Who would ever guess that my curiosity about the job description would lead me into a forty year career with the most beautiful of jewels. Pearls.

After spending four years at the company who first gave me a job grading and stringing pearls, I branched out alone, supplying pearls to jewellers throughout the UK, but I wanted to bring the pearl’s intrinsic uniqueness to the fore, and so I created Naima Pearls.

Naima is a beautiful name and has such a wonderful and apt meaning.  Gift or Nature’s gift. What could be more suitable when talking about pearls? They are the only jewel  that needs no polishing, no tumbling, no oiling. They are created naturally by an oyster or a mussel, and they arrive looking exactly as they were made.

Using both traditional cultured and freshwater pearls with either sterling silver, or the new Argentium silver (a purer form of silver that hallmarks at 935. It is harder, oxidises less, and is more hypoallergenic.) I design each item of jewellery, then carefully select the exact pearl I think would suit the piece best. Shape, size, colour, and lustre, all come into play before I lovingly hand make each item. 

As I grow my online business, even after so many years working with the same beautiful gem, I am always amazed by their differences. A pearl’s lustre may make me gasp, its shape or texture may tempt me to touch, its iridescent colour may cause me to stare into its depths before I can decide whether it is cream, pinkish, greenish, or blue toned.

A pearl’s mysterious qualities never grow old and I will never be able to stop creating jewellery with this wondrous gem, but I am expanding my current collection of beautiful jewellery to include a range of beautiful bridal tiaras, and adornments for the hair. 

Beautifully Handmade Comments:-

Jackie and her brand Naima Pearls offer an extensive and stunning range of handmade pearl wedding anniversary gifts, we adore the pearls that are used and this brand offers the perfect gift for any occasion.

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