Handmade Dog Collar

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Handmade Dog Collar

Berties Pet Boutique is a wonderful online store that sells handmade dog collars and other handmade pet products. Here is an introduction into Denise, the lady behind this amazing brand.

My passion is my business and my dogs, I am an avid dog lover and it inspired me to create my online boutique.

My name is Denise and my love of all things crafty started very young when I loved to sew and create things with my Nan, it was those moments that created a real passion for such.

I decided to treat myself to a sewing and embroidery machine and loved making personalised items for my Cavapoo’s and of course Bertie the Cavachon who inspires me everyday with his zest for life. Alongside this my handmade dog collar was born in wide range of fabrics.

I enjoyed it so much that I decide to create my own little business and here we are, Bertie’s Pet Boutique was born. We now have a product range of nearly 500 from dog bowls, personalised tags and even mugs for the owners focusing on breeds.

I hope you enjoy looking at what Bertie’s Pet Boutique has to offer but if there is something you like but would like it made in a different colour or design just drop me a message and I will do my upmost to accommodate your request.

Beautifully Handmade Comments:-

Berties Pet Boutique was a welcome addition to the online marketplace, the range of products that Denise has built up within her empire since beginning is really astounding. We love that she chose to focus on the pet market which is such a large market to become involved with, we are sure that Berties will continue to grow alongside us. Here is also a link to caring for your pets from the official government website

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