Handmade Baby Clothes

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Handmade Baby Clothes

Curly Sals is a Hampshire based handmade baby clothes company situated on the edge of the New Forest, a beautiful location with roaming horses. Handmade Baby Gifts are a wonderful item to give an expectant mother.

Can you be born crafty? I’m not sure, but I’ve always had a passion for sewing, knitting, cross-stitch and embroidery.

Sewing has always been my favourite pastime and over the years I’ve made clothing and home decor for myself and family. I am mainly self taught (apart from a few lessons at school many years ago) and still find I am learning new techniques every day.

About six years ago I decided to take things a little further and start selling my creations and I became Curly Sals. I love to source good quality fabrics to make beautiful handmade baby and children’s garments up to the age of 10-12 years that can be worn time and time again.

I find the most rewarding aspect of sewing and making handmade baby clothes is seeing the garment grow from a piece fabric to the finished article and a picture of a little person wearing one of my creations is the crowning glory.

One tip I have learned over the years is to never cut corners, press every seam and trim every thread to ensure a well finished product. If you are looking for a little bit extra for a special occasion or just want to update your little ones wardrobe you’ll be certain to find something to suit. In addition to what I list in Beautifully Handmade I also welcome custom orders.

Beautifully Handmade Comments:-

As a mum of three myself, I will never forget the days when my first born Daisy arrived, I always wanted something unique for her, something that could be cherished and knowing it is handmade makes it even more special.

Curly Sals is a really wonderful addition to the Beautifully Handmade platform, handmade baby clothes make truly wonderful and unique gifts, we simply adore the patchwork baby blankets too and look forward to seeing more of what is created.

Sewing can be extremely therapeutic, there are many sites offering online sewing courses, here is a link to one that may be suitable from the Centre Of Excellence.

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