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Adoption Gifts

Oliarch Print Creations began around a decade ago, I met my husband and we soon tried to create a family of our own, this transpired into a business for me offering adoption gifts that works around looking after my adopted children.

Unfortunately we found out in 2014 that I was unable to carry children of my own and we started exploring other options! We attended an information evening about adoption with our local authority in October 2015 and decided there and then that with so many children needing a forever, safe home, we would be honoured to be adoptive parents! 

12 months of tests, training, observations and hundreds of cups of tea later we were finally approved and matched with two siblings, brothers aged 1 and 2, who came to change our lives in the most amazing way! 

Fast forward 5 years, during the national lockdown, we relocated our family to a beautiful stone cottage in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and I started to reconnect with the adoption community who had been so supportive when we completed our journey.

I was helping to answer questions prospective adopters didn’t want to ask their social worker, putting minds at ease about the process and sharing our successful adoption story amongst a sea of negative experiences. 

I started to explore what was available for adopted families to celebrate their experiences and found in a market swamped with “1 week old today” and “my first word” milestone cards, there were very few which were relevant to adopted families who so often don’t get to experience many of the “firsts” in their children’s lives. So in December 2020, I created my own milestone cards and adoption gifts. 

I designed and commissioned 3 different sets of cards (for couples and single people adopting) and then expanded my printing business from there. I now have many more designs, including a set for IVF journeys and have created a variety of personalised prints for nurseries, special occasions, memories and gifts. 

I love that my small business gives me the freedom to spend so much quality time with my boys which has been even more important during Covid-19. Whilst this means I’m often designing and printing until the early hours of the morning, it has been the most rewarding adventure seeing my small business grow! 

Beautifully Handmade Comments:-

There is nothing more wonderful to us than a real story behind a handmade business in the UK. Samantha’s strength and focus on the adoption community really is heart warming. Her adoption cards are unique and lovingly created with a story to tell. We really do wish Oliarch Prints the most wonderful journey with Beautifully Handmade and if we can support that success, it will be a real pleasure.

If your are considering the adoption route to become a family of your own, take a look at Family Lives

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