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Personalised Gift Ideas

To see the amazing personalised gift ideas by Teal Fox Designs, please click here

I’ve always been a hands on creative person. I studied an Advanced Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship and got distinctions in the design subjects.

I was working as a mechanical engineer when I met my partner,. At the time he was working at the same company as me but on the side he was printing t-shirts and selling these gifts on ebay.

There was no such thing as fancy dates! He taught me the ropes and we would spend our evenings after work printing t-shirts, oh how romance was back then.

Eventually it outgrew the lounge and we got the industrial unit that we are still in now. He left his full time job to focus on our handmade business. I carried on working full time.

His passion came back for car bodywork and metalwork so the printing died down.. By this time I’d changed jobs and was running a little sewing business on the side. I’ve always been hands on and love to create things, there is a lot of satisfaction when someone buys something you have lovingly crafted.

Seeing something go from nothing to an end product is very satisfying. Something kept drawing me back to the printing though. After a car accident in 2016 I made the decision to give up fighting the pain that sewing caused me (from my accident injury) and my focus went back to printing.

Since then the business has grown and grown. January 2020 I added sublimation printing to the mix to widen the variety of personalised gift ideas that I could offer, my aim is by the end of 2022 to have an eco solvent printer to grow my business even more.

Beautifully Handmade Comments:

We love a business with a story, Teal Fox Designs really shows how a small business can achieve with real determination, the personalised gifts market is very competitive, however with a real mix of products for people and pets too, we see great things for the future and very much look forward to assisting them into the next level of business.

There are plenty of great videos showing the process of sublimation printing over on You Tube

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