Unique Handmade Jewellery

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Unique Handmade Jewellery

Charming Gifts by Shelley Rivers make unique handmade jewellery and painted jewellery from Tibetan charms but with a wonderful added twist.

Painting small items has been my passion for over 25 years which began in a world of dolls house miniatures where I discovered the love of painting ornamental models. These were often no larger than the size of a fingernail.

I started with some simple jewellery pieces about 5 years ago, which i was selling to raise funds for a local pony sanctuary and with the recent changes to our lives I suddenly discovered I had too much time on my hands and needed a hobby.

Equally I needed something that didn’t take up too much space and combining the two hobbies seemed like the perfect solution bringing my love of painting and crafting together.

I paint my pieces by hand with an enamel paint or add a resin compound to the metal charms to add a touch of sparkle.

I started out simply offering earrings through my social media networking pages and was amazed at the positive response I received. I don’t have many followers but those that do were buying my products.

I was getting overwhelmed with the positive feedback so the collection has grown to include necklaces and bracelets so matching sets could be created.

I have so many plans to expand this further with beaded bracelets, clay jewellery and even wood, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating unique handmade jewellery.

I am always keen to hear customer feedback and willing to try new things when the opportunity arises.

Creating unique handmade jewellery at a reasonable price that can make cute little gifts is my main goal, although I have had several customers buy sets as gifts but needing to buy another because they kept it for themselves, this makes me as a crafter happy.

Beautifully Handmade Comments :

There is something really wonderful about this seller, with a business ethic combined with a real passion for her love of painting products and jewellery, we predict just great things within our marketplace for Shelley, the handmade market is a real exclusive one and one we as a business are really passionate about. We would love to see the return of her miniatures come to the platform as another unique addition to the business. We wish you every success for the future and are on hand to help drive your business forward with you as a team.

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